New materials

New materials

We develop different materials and produce contemporary products with higher quality, such as replacing wood with bamboo pulp to make all kinds of paper products for daily use.


Environmental awareness

We have introduced different kinds of environmentally-friendly products, such as the bamboo-made additive-free tissue in China, which is unbleached and strongly anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic.

Cater to all
kinds of needs

Cater to all
kinds of needs

Kei Cheung, one of the main importers and dealers of paper and disposable products, has been adhering to the customer-based principle with years of experience as a manufacturer and agency.


High-quality products

We provide various paper products in daily use. For example, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, cups, plates and many other kinds of disposable food contact materials.



We provide customization services to cater to your different needs and a tailor-made solution to your product choices.

Kei Cheung, based in Hong Kong,

will make efforts in exploring 

new business opportunities

and self-enhancing in order to provide

 all-round services to meet 

different kinds of needs of clients.

About Kei Cheung
Leader in the paper industry

About Kei Cheung 
Leder in the paper industry

Kei Cheung Industries & Trading Limited is one of the main importers and dealers of paper and environmentally-friendly food contact products and one of the local manufacturers of paper products. Founded in 1977, Kei Cheung has been adhering to the customer-based principle with years of experience as a manufacturer and agency. We have been an agent of many international renowned brands, including SOLO(US), SWEETHEART(US),

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Want to know more about our brand?


Kei Cheung established its own brand 「GOODLIFE生活好」 in the mid-1990s. The brand has endeavored in providing high quality and cost competitive products for consumers since its establishment.

Today, Goodlife, a pioneer in the paper towel industry, is still leading in the market.

Since the first launch of a series of Goodlife modern paper product collections, the range of products has been expanded from paper products to environmentally-friendly products and retail products, which have become shopping-rush goods in the supermarkets.

We will continue our innovative spirit and devote ourselves to sharing the concept of 「Goodlife」 with the users so that every one of you can 「live a better life」.


partyGoodlife takes 「becoming the ambassador of joy」 as the goal and devotes to bringing more surprises to society and infinite pleasures to the users.Whenever you see partyGoodlife, you know an enchanted party will soon begin! We believe life is a lifelong party. Every second is wonderful because of you. Choose partygoodlife. Let us indulge in the joyful moments of parties.


The headquarter of Lotus is located in Oy Essity Finland Ab of Nokia in Finland, which the brand has owned a tradition of high-quality paper production. Their high-quality Lotus brand has become the market leader in Finland. Lotus products are exported to Denmark and the Baltic states.

The long-established Lotus began its commercialized tissue paper production in 1928. It was sold as packages with other products of the company at first. Tissue paper was first made as a supplementary product, but soon it was introduced to the market.  With years of experiences in manufacturing, various types of tissue paper with different designs is available in the market nowadays.

MS Venture

MS Venture was founded in 1976. Starting with the profession in plastic production, MS Venture has achieved a huge growth throughout the decades. The company has over 250 employees in Singapore and Malaysia. With 4 factories and over 80 plastic injection molding machines, over 20 tonnes of plastic containers can be produced every day.

The technological specialty and early advantages of the company have helped MS Venture set up a steady foot in the market. As one of the top brands in Asia, MS Venture has already owned a certain amount of market share.  With ongoing investigations and developments, the client groups of the company have spread across 45 countries, including the UK, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong, etc.


OULU was founded in 2012 by its company located in Xinjin Industrial Park in Chengdu. The brand is known for professional productions of high-end tissue paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, jumbo roll tissue,  business series, etc.

OULU tissue is made of Omei Mountain Bamboo fibers with “Quinone” which is anti-bacterial, bacteriostatic, anti-ultraviolet and helps to prevent cancer and aging. 

Since the production process of OULU is additive-free, the tissue is able to retain all natural ingredients of bamboo fibers without any chemicals left. The natural reliable OULU tissue can protect the users comprehensively from itchiness, skin allergies and even health risks like cancers. It is also resistant to E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

OULU is devoted to satisfying the needs of the pursuers of a healthy lifestyle on paper products in daily use. The brand takes 「eco-friendly, natural and environmentally-friendly」 as our core concepts in order to provide green and bacteria-free protection to customers.


Pulpage has made a breakthrough in the traditional pattern of the wood pulp paper market, and replaced the traditional wood pulp with bamboo as the raw materials of tissue paper. It retains the original texture and toughness of tissue paper while being environmentally-friendly and innovative simultaneously.

Bamboo can grow rapidly within a short period of time. Compared to wood pulp, bamboo can cater better to the tremendous needs of the public.

Pulpage tissue pursues high-quality production since the tissue is the closest partner to our skin. The soft and pliable texture can bring a dreamy pampering experience to the users.

Pulpage stays with its sincerity and integrity, insisting on living a natural lifestyle and implementing the green concept in life. The brand keeps upgrading your quality of life and contributing to sustainable development, dedicating to create a harmonious life between human and nature.


Solo is a world-class supplier of high-quality plastics and paper products and a manufacturer of disposable catering products, which provides the most complete product line of packages with the most advanced printing technology.  In terms of hygiene and safety, Solo is equipped with a strict quality control system, where regular quality checks will be conducted to keep the products safe and reliable.

Being a US company with 2.3 billion and its headquarter located in Highland Park of Illinois, Solo focuses on producing disposable catering utensils, packing goods and retailing. The company pursues excellence in terms of customer service, production and our core values.


Dart is a US company of innovative food packaging services with its headquarter located in Mason of Michigan.  The development, production and distribution of the innovative food packaging services are outstanding according to the standards of the industry.

The brand has developed in multiple categories, including the productions of cups, plates, containers, lids and straws made of polystyrene foam plastics, polystyrene solid phases, polypropylene, Polyethylene terephthalate(PET), paper, cane, etc. 

Dart provides its clients with high-quality food and beverage packaging and reliable services, which has set up high standards in the industry.

Starting from being a humble machinery processing factory in Mason, Dart has already expanded to more than 40 locations across 6 countries with around 15,000 employees in the world.


Vinda International Holdings Limited is a sizable hygiene products company in Asia. Founded in1985, Vinda has dedicated to providing high-quality hygiene products and services with the vision of 「Healthy life starting from Vinda」. Vinda’s products have been extended from household tissue paper products to incontinence, women’s health and baby products, and thus Vinda is leading in the market. Moreover, Vinda has achieved praiseworthy results over the past decade in terms of production scale, turnover and corporate governance. Due to the keen competition within the market, Vinda continuously optimizes its product mix strategically and create innovative products, resulting in consistent top line growth. Vinda keeps a preference on adult incontinence product market in mainland China in recent years, and thus importing a European brand specialized in female hygiene products to China, bringing endless opportunities to Vinda’s future development.

Leader in
the paper industry

"Kei Cheung, based in Hong Kong,
 will make efforts in exploring new business opportunities
 and self-enhancing in order to provide all-round services
 to meet different kinds of needs of clients."

One-stop service providing paper products







Research and Development


One-stop service
paper products

Kei Cheung is proactively recruiting partners in order to provide the best all-round services.

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